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Khao Lak & Bang Niang
Quiet, unspoiled
the new pearl of the Andaman Sea
One of six local beaches ... take your pick. Or go a little further and find half a kilometre of sandy shore with just you and ... maybe a local fisherman, maybe no one
Perfect S E Asia
eBOOK travel buddy
Brothers, lovers, killers
Tenny loves travelling and adventure but he always takes the wrong route with his women. Especially these powerful women. His brother and lifelong enemy, Paul, loves money and hates women. But he is caught in the same feminine webs. The results are fatal in this tense romantic thriller by journalist John Keeble. Kindle ebook, price about £1.50 in your local currency
Perfect Asia eBOOK travel buddy








In a battle of elusive truths, everything is at stake – hopes, loyalties, hearts, minds and, finally, lives as two brothers and four of their lovers are forced into a deadly chase across the world.

Clever Pan, treacherous Paul, dreamer Tenny, sweet ambitious Madeleine, innocent Pri and strange and capable Louise … who will survive in this tense romantic thriller that spans England, America, Africa and Southeast Asia?

Kindle ebook, price about 1 in your local currency







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